Budi Dharmawan


Brown eyes, deuteranomalic. Oh the irony.


These past weeks showed me something that I have been denying all my life. I’m a memory hoarder. I use some serious space in my room to keep pictures, letters (well, mostly envelopes, really), postcards, gig pins, bracelets, descend commemorative jacket, 17th birthday gift bag, another jacket, a cassette tape, another bag, shoes…

The list goes on. But it has to stop. Who am I to forbid time to flow and force her to fly?

So from now, I’ll try to forget and hopefully succeed.

Vim + Standard.js

I never really took an in-depth look into React because for the past weeks months year my work only demands things grown out of Ruby or Go, and if I have to write things in JavaScript (that’s quite a lot, too, but let’s save it for later), I keep using my outdated .eslintrc because that’s how I usually typed them.

After spending an hour on ReactJS Programkudos to Tyler McGinnis, what a great mentor!— I finally realized that it is time to update my linter configurations. Nobody likes to do that. This ritual has to end. So, no motives, I was just being lazy when I found out about StandardJS.

Where have I been? I know, right? This whole article is about laziness and living under a rock. Also, I hate iOS 10.

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My Vim Broke — Or My Go?

For the past three days, I have a problem with my Vim. My MacVim, to be precise. I have been working on some Golang projects lately, and I use vim-go for quite some time. For reasons unknown — okay, I forgot what I did — it spewed out an error saying that goimports does not support srcdir when I tried to save a file.

At that very first occurrence, I decided: I will not Google this shit.

I took notes for the steps I did and hoped I don’t get stuck and succumb.

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