Budi Dharmawan


Brown eyes, deuteranomalic. Oh the irony.

Before I Forget

She slipped into the scene swiftly. No hesitation, no warning, no delay. Her movements were nothing but the optimum efficiency of appearing. She already sat when my eyes switched focus to her smile, which shattered all the preparations I’ve done to combat it. Seeing that I only held a 2-7 offsuit, I folded my hand to the indescribable joy of being whole again.

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These past weeks showed me something that I have been denying all my life. I’m a memory hoarder. I use some serious space in my room to keep pictures, letters (well, mostly envelopes, really), postcards, gig pins, bracelets, descend commemorative jacket, 17th birthday gift bag, another jacket, a cassette tape, another bag, shoes…

The list goes on. But it has to stop. Who am I to forbid time to flow and force her to fly?

So from now, I’ll try to forget and hopefully succeed.

Vim + Standard.js

I never really took an in-depth look into React because for the past weeks months year my work only demands things grown out of Ruby or Go, and if I have to write things in JavaScript (that’s quite a lot, too, but let’s save it for later), I keep using my outdated .eslintrc because that’s how I usually typed them.

After spending an hour on ReactJS Programkudos to Tyler McGinnis, what a great mentor!— I finally realized that it is time to update my linter configurations. Nobody likes to do that. This ritual has to end. So, no motives, I was just being lazy when I found out about StandardJS.

Where have I been? I know, right? This whole article is about laziness and living under a rock. Also, I hate iOS 10.

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