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Brown eyes, deuteranomalic. Oh the irony.

Vim + Standard.js

I never really took an in-depth look into React because for the past weeks months year my work only demands things grown out of Ruby or Go, and if I have to write things in JavaScript (that’s quite a lot, too, but let’s save it for later), I keep using my outdated .eslintrc because that’s how I usually typed them.

After spending an hour on ReactJS Programkudos to Tyler McGinnis, what a great mentor!— I finally realized that it is time to update my linter configurations. Nobody likes to do that. This ritual has to end. So, no motives, I was just being lazy when I found out about StandardJS.

Where have I been? I know, right? This whole article is about laziness and living under a rock. Also, I hate iOS 10. Naturally, the first thing I did was, as stated on StandardJS’ Github Page:

npm install standard --global

Then I scrolled down a bit and found out that the command standard can be used as a Syntastic checker as well. Neat. So I put this on my .vimrc

let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers = ['standard']
autocmd bufwritepost *.js silent !standard-format -w %
set autoread

It worked. It auto-formatting my poorly written JavaScript. No semicolons. Cool. So I boldly removed my other checkers (at that time, ESlint and JShint), and all their rc files.

As I mentioned earlier, I was doing this ReactJS Program, and boy, jsx sure makes me cringe. That’s when I found out that the standard Syntastic checker is not as.. hm, how should I put it.. strict.

I messed things up hoping for a warning to pop out, but it didn’t. Well, I guess it’s not really there yet.

Fuck it. I’m being lazy. Phoenix Down.

npm install -g eslint eslint-config-standard \
  eslint-config-standard-react eslint-config-standard-jsx \
  eslint-plugin-promise eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-standard


I resurrected my .eslintrc to my home folder, swapping all my rules with only this line:

{ "extends": ["standard", "standard-react"] }

Then I found out that standard-format is actually experimental, so here’s my final .vimrc to get ESlint and StardardJS dance with my Vim.

let g:syntastic_javascript_checkers = ['standard', 'eslint']
let g:syntastic_javascript_standard_exec = "/usr/local/bin/standard"
let g:syntastic_javascript_eslint_exec = "/usr/local/bin/eslint"
autocmd bufwritepost *.js silent !standard --fix -w %
set autoread

Laziness 1 - 0 Configs.