Budi Dharmawan


Brown eyes, deuteranomalic. Oh the irony.

The Best Way To Stalk Bubs

Before anything else, the first thing you gotta know about him is that he often writes about himself in third person only to make himself feel more down-to-earth. He promised — even though he consciously knows that he will break it soon enough — to actively contribute to the communities at least on Github.

Even though lately he doesn’t tweet that much and keep resetting his Instagram account1, those two channels are still the ones that are the most curent and available for public.

If you’re into gaming and avidly play DOTA2, you won’t be amazed by his records of 45% winning rate. Feel free to add him on Steam, though. He’s a good support.

If all else fails, you can just Google “Budi Dharmawan” and see if you can find anything.

  1. Because fuck integrity

  2. What? Seriously